Welcome to Dan Gribbin's website for ordering Shorebird Note Cards.

All images on this site are copyrighted photos taken by Dan Gribbin, most of them within ten miles of Daytona Beach Shores. (The Sandhill Cranes were shot at Lake Woodruff, and some birds were photographed at Merritt Island and at Viera Wetlands.) We do, occasionally, take trips to Bermuda to photograph the beautiful Bermuda Longtails (aka White-tailed Tropicbirds) that nest there before heading back to the open ocean.

Please browse to your heart's content by placing your cursor over the word "Galleries" and clicking to view a particular gallery and its various sets. (Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe "Flash" installed to insure that the galleries can be accessed.) To order cards, click "Contact" and let me know which sets you'd like, or give me a call at 386-956-1813.

Note cards are boxed with transparent cover, 8 cards (plus envelopes) per box. (See note below about content of boxes.) Price is $15 per box or $25 for 2 boxes, plus tax and shipping. Guaranteed to please as a gift to a friend or to yourself.

Since I custom print your cards for each order, you can decide which eight cards you would like in a given box. As a convenience, the images are presented here as 4-card sets with designations such at "4b" for ease of ordering. Each of those sets contains four images, so ordering set 4b would give you two cards each of the four images in that set. But if you prefer a box of 8 of one particular image, or a box of 8 different images, just let me know which images to include, and I'll print them up. Specify images by giving me the image number, such as WLT-504. Double check your list of image numbers before sending, since it's easy to confuse them.

Prints of most of these images are available in 5 x 7 format or 8 x 10. Let me know if you prefer glossy or matte finish. These images are $20 apiece plus shipping, $25 if you would like the print on Kodak Ultra paper, which is highly recommended. White, archival-quality matting can be provided for 5 x 7 images for an additional $5.

A CD entitled "My Louisiana Heron," with 16 original songs and photos of the Tricolored Heron can be viewed and sampled at: http://www.dangribbin.com. And, as if that isn't enough information to take in at one time, I do offer boxed sets of shorebird note cards in slightly different configurations from these at my Etsy.com store called ShoreCardsByDan.

A note about the photographer: Dan Gribbin is a retired college English professor. He and his wife Martha Brandt live in Daytona Beach Shores, on the east coast of Florida. When he is not taking photos of shorebirds, he spends much of his time writing and performing folk music, often at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ormond Beach.